The perfect blend of past and present. That’s the duality locals love about Natchez. The city is full of complexities and contradictions, but its multifaceted personality somehow blends into an offbeat harmony that defines the city’s unmistakable charm.

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City for all seasons

If you like four seasons of the year, Natchez will suit you well. There is a definite summer, fall, winter and spring pattern in the area.

City for all seasons

Peruse some interesting facts and get the tidbits of information you need before you visit Natchez and the surrounding area.

Natchez history

Today’s visitors to Natchez come by car, recreational vehicle or motor coach. They cross the wide Mississippi River on a modern bridge or come from the north, south or east by four-lane highways.

Feature stories

New view of Natchez found just a few feet underground

At first glance, Natchez is a sunlit city with antebellum buildings, modern construction and streets filled with cars and people.

Porches may be one of Natchez’s best kept secrets

Sweet tea and sweltering summers aside, one of the biggest factors to Southern creativity may be based in wood and nails, brick and mortar.

Travel the Natchez Trace Parkway

A beautiful place to spend an afternoon is the Natchez Trace, a parkway winding through forests and across creeks once traversed by flatboatmen on their way home to the North.

Living and writing in Natchez: Iles wouldn’t have it any other way

Natchez author Greg Iles hears the question all the time: Why are you still living in Mississippi?

Natchez life captured in historic photographs

Begun as a hobby, Dr. Thomas Gandy spent years restoring a set of negatives that have become a gift to generations of Natchez tourists and residents.

Local color

Don’t believe in ghosts? Think again.

Sheriffs aren’t likely to scare easily.

Good food never far in Miss-Lou

Southern hospitality means having a big heart, a warm hand and an endless appetite.

Memorial Hall taken on many roles in its long history

If Memorial Hall were a person it would surely qualify for some type of lifetime achievement award.

Area filled with famous faces

The Miss-Lou has had more than one local face with a national name — writers, news anchors, actors and musicians.