What to do in Natchez. When you wake up in Natchez, adventure awaits. Step back in time in the many historic homes that make Natchez unique. Or indulge your inner shopper or foodie, then spend a blissful afternoon walking along the banks of the Mississippi River. Looking for some ideas on the best way to fit the most into your stay? We have the ideal itinerary for your Natchez experience just a click away. And remember, when you’re out in the city, stop by the conveniently located Natchez Visitor Reception Center for guidance.

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No place like our homes

Visiting historic homes in Natchez is like stepping back in time. Many of the most splendid of the Natchez houses are open year around.

Lots to see & do

Looking for something to do? Look no further than our Natchez attraction directory.

Natchez history

An excellent way to become familiar with Natchez is by touring the historic downtown area on foot.

Itinerary ideas

Three perfect days in Natchez

There’s a lot to do in Natchez, but three days gives you plenty of time to take in much of what the area has to offer without feeling like you’ve rushed through the sights.

Architectural treasures

From the classic lines of Greek Revival antebellum mansions to the ornate decoration of Victorian masterpieces Natchez is filled with architectural accomplishments.

Natchez Black History

February may be the official Black History Month, but in Natchez, the rich heritage of the city’s African American residents past and present is celebrated all year-round.

Natchez for free

Your time in Natchez won’t require you to break the bank – far from it. There’s a myriad of activities in the Southwest Mississippi that won’t cost you a dime.

Shop until you drop

Natchez offers more than touring historic homes and sight seeing. There’s plenty of browsing, bargain-hunting and buying to do.

Local color

Don’t believe in ghosts? Think again.

Sheriffs aren’t likely to scare easily.

Good food never far in Miss-Lou

Southern hospitality means having a big heart, a warm hand and an endless appetite.

Memorial Hall taken on many roles in its long history

If Memorial Hall were a person it would surely qualify for some type of lifetime achievement award.

Area filled with famous faces

The Miss-Lou has had more than one local face with a national name — writers, news anchors, actors and musicians.