Feature houses

William Johnson House

William Johnson constructed a three-story brick structure on his mother-in-law's State Street property after an 1840 tornado destroyed much of downtown Natchez.


Auburn is located in Duncan Park on Auburn Avenue in a setting of huge moss-draped oaks, magnolias and pines

House on Ellicott’s Hill

In 1934, the Natchez Garden Club voted to purchase a dilapidated building on Ellicott’s Hill overlooking the Mississippi River in downtown Natchez and to restore it as headquarters of the club. This was the first restoration project in Natchez.

Magnolia Hall

Magnolia Hall, the beautiful mansion at 215 S. Pearl St., was built in 1858 by Thomas Henderson, a wealthy planter, merchant and cotton broker. Henderson was a 60-year-old widower when he built his new mansion on the site of his family home, Pleasant Hill.


On the outskirts of Natchez, deep among forest trees heavy with Spanish moss, stands the largest and most captivating octagonal house in America, the “Oriental Villa” called Longwood.


The mansion Rosalie, 100 Orleans St., occupies one of the most interesting historical tracts of land in Natchez.

Stanton Hall

Stanton Hall, one of the most magnificent houses of antebellum America, stands on a rise on High Street, bordered by Pearl Street on the west and Commerce Street on the east.


Melrose, one of the outstanding classic Greek Revival homes in Natchez, stands just more than a mile from the heart of the city on Melrose-Montebello Parkway.


Dunleith is one of the most picturesque and stately homes in the Natchez vicinity.


Monmouth, built in 1818 by Natchez Postmaster John Hankinson, is an imposing structure set on a high hill.

Local color

Don’t believe in ghosts? Think again.

Sheriffs aren’t likely to scare easily.

Good food never far in Miss-Lou

Southern hospitality means having a big heart, a warm hand and an endless appetite.

Memorial Hall taken on many roles in its long history

If Memorial Hall were a person it would surely qualify for some type of lifetime achievement award.

Area filled with famous faces

The Miss-Lou has had more than one local face with a national name — writers, news anchors, actors and musicians.